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10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The internet can be a very confusing place for someone looking to build a presence, especially with the millions of options and opinions out there!

Do we build a website or just list ourselves on Justdial and Google? Do we invest in making a logo or use the one we have? Are ads on Google better or is Instagram a more converting platform? Is it better to whatsapp students/parents or should we email them about the latest courses? After years of digital marketing for educational institutes of various sizes, I have put down a simple...

10 Step Digital Marketing Action Plan To Win The Internet For The Educators

Wondering why to build a presence at all? Why make an effort at all? Here are 7 Reasons For Educators To Build An Online Presence! and a 5 step action plan for educators to monetize their online presence + Vocab Wizards Case study!

Step 1: Know Your Audience

If your students are of ages 15 and below, you are marketing to their parents/guardians who could be aged anywhere from 27 to 45. If you are targeting students above 15, they are old enough to influence their own decisions in which case your marketing should be catered to the age group of students you are targeting.

Develop audience personas to understand the demographics of who you are marketing to. By understanding your audience, you will know where they spend their time, which channel of communication is best suited for them, what kind of content are they consuming etc. Answering these questions will help you to create campaigns that cater to your target audience only, drastically increasing the chances of conversion.


Step 2: Research Your Competitors

The biggest advantage of the Internet is that it's an open platform with information out there for everyone. With a simple Google Search you can find similar businesses, Tutors or Classes around you, see what they are doing, how they are marketing their courses, the channels they are using etc. Start your research and note down the following things:

  • What do you like most about their marketing?

  • Is there anything different in what they are doing that you can in cooperate or better in your own courses?

  • Is there anything particular in their marketing language or design that you'd like to see in your own brand?

Too busy to research? Have no time to invest in marketing? Let us take over for you! At MarketinCrew, we create Digital Marketing Plans suited to your budget and brand! Get a quote by Whatsapp or Email


Step 3 - Invest in Branding and Design

We are beyond the age where simple text messages or classified ads in the newspaper worked. Today, we consume content in a way we never have, the simple manner of how your logo looks or brochure is designed, tells people the quality of your work.

There is a reason companies invest lakhs of rupees into their branding, because even a simple whatsapp forward of your flyer can make or break a decision in the mind of your target audience. Here are a few basic marketing collaterals you must invest in:

  • Logo

  • Letterhead

  • Bill book / E-invoice

  • Business Card

  • E-Brochure

  • Envelopes

  • 10 creatives to share on whatsapp & social media

Every time you share something with a prospective or current student/parent/guardian, it is a chance for you to show them how much detail you put into your work, it is a chance to impress them and build a brand image in their head.

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand" - Paul Rand

Step 4 - Build A Sleek, Beautifully Designed, Mobile Optimised Website

Imagine if someone calls you to make an inquiry about your classes? What's your next step, you will ether spend 10 minutes explaining them what you do, or send a preset message with an image on whatsapp or ask them to come meet you.

Wouldn't it be much simpler if all you told them was why don't you checkout my website, it will tell you everything about us and what we do.

It instantly makes an impression which would make people take you seriously. A website is the online equivalent of an office in the offline world. Here are the things a basic website would cover:

  • Basic Details - About You, who you are, your experience, your team, vision

  • USP - Unique Selling Proposition, what sets you apart from your competitors

  • Course Catalog - Details of all the types of courses/classes you run at your institute

  • Testimonials - students and parents talks about how you made a positive difference

  • Contact Information - how to get in touch with you or apply online for admissions or ask for more information


Step 5: Optimize your website so Google can find you - SEO

A beautiful website is of no use if those who are looking for you don't land up on it. The name of the game is Search Engine Optimisation. There are ways in which you can make sure people Googling for classes, courses similar to you find you in Google's search results.

There a few basic steps you can take to make sure your website pops up every time anyone Googles your business or a business similar to you:

  • Editing Page's title text and description

  • Adding keywords in your content

  • Changing the alt text of the images on your website

  • creating a Google Business listing

  • Adding your business to other local listing platforms. eg. Justdial

Some of these things might seem a little technical but are really quite simple. At MarketinCrew, we create custom Website and SEO solutions to suit your budget and goals. Get a quote by Whatsapp or Email


Step 6: Create Content That Attracts Eyeballs

When your business makes its first interaction with a prospective student/parent/guardian who is not yet planning to join your institute, they don't want to know about the class timings or your address, they want to know how you can improve their or their child's life!

Rather than creating a Instagram post about a discount on your latest course, you might want to make a short video on how to improve concentration or tips and tricks about learning the subject of your expertise.

Give people FREE stuff, they love it more than anything else. They might tag a friend, who might tag another friend and so on, that's how people will come to know of you!

The next time when they are looking for your course they are going to remember your brand. Here's a few types of content, you can create to build an online audience who will remember you:

  • "How to" content: eg. How to ace your board examinations

  • "Why to" content: eg. Why online courses are better than online ones

  • "Steps" content: eg. 10 steps to improve your grammar skills

  • Testimonials: eg. Here's how Anuja aced her Maths Olympiad!

  • Fun stuff: eg. When we are not studying we are jumping! - a video of students having fun on the trampoline in their break

  • Who you are and how you stand out in the crowd?

At MarketinCrew, we create content suited to educational businesses. Check out our work with Vocab Wizards and Languist Pro. Recently we created an intro video for Vocab Wizards, in the words of their founder, Tejal Mehta. Check it out below:


Step 7 - Make Sure The Content Reaches The Right People Organically

What's the point of writing an amazing blog and it not reaching the right people!? Your content is only as good as the number of people who consume it. Using amazing photographs, videos and GIFs to represent your content, publishing it on the right platforms, using the appropriate hashtags, keywords and targeting etc. will make sure that your content reaches your prospective customer.

Here are a few channels of communication you can use to reach the right people:

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Whatsapp Business

  • SMS marketing

  • Online groups and communities

At MarketinCrew, we plan, create and distribute content so it reaches the right people and appeals to them! We have custom solutions for Schools, Teachers and Tutors.


Step 8 - Use Paid Marketing To Reach Those Who Are Not A Part Of Your Social Or Business Circles

What about your target audience whose not a friend of a friend? or is someone who has never interacted with you or your business? How do we make sure they see the content you have created? Paid marketing! Facebook, Instagram and Google continuously understand behaviours and demographics of its users, allowing you to create a target audience that is specific to your needs.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is:

  1. Cheaper: you pay as you go, no heavy investments in printing 1000s of flyers of doing an ad in a local newspaper are required, you pay when someone click on your ad or gives you a lead

  2. Measurable: After publishing an article in the newspaper, you dont really know how many people saw it, how many of them called you or visited you etc. Although when you market yourself online, you know how many people visited your website, or whatsapped you from an online ad, or looked for your google map location to visit you, everything is tracked so you know your real ROI

  3. Targeted: you create ads specific to those who will see them. You can create separate ads for students and separate ads for parents, each targeted to reach its specified audience

There are different types of ads you can create online, across Google, Facebook and Instagram. They can have your prospective customers do the following:

  • Visit your website

  • Call you directly

  • Whatsapp you on your Business profile

  • Visit your Social Media pages

  • Give you their information so you can get in touch with them

In each case we can track which ad got you how many results and conversions, telling us the most vital information in a marketing campaign! Whether it was worth it!?


Step 9: Analyze The Results, Modify And Plan Your Marketing Campaigns

The best part about digital marketing is the fact that everything is track able and happens in real time. If you create a video about a new branch opening and use paid marketing to have it shown to people in the area, you can track how many people eventually visited your website after seeing the video and how many eventually made an inquiry for admission.

This tells you how much you spent to earn the money you made on a sale. Use the help of tools like:

These tools are completely free and help you make informed decisions on future campaigns. Once you know what's working for you, plan your content calendar in advance so your audience is never left hanging. Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to publish campaigns at a single click across platforms, scheduled in advance, so that you never miss a post.

Also Read: Here are 7 Reasons For Educators To Build An Online Presence! and a 5 step action plan for educators to monetize their online presence + Case study!


Step 10: Hire An Agency

As a educator you must spend your time doing what you do best, teaching, research, working on new courses, adding to your curriculum etc.

Rather than investing your time in doing something you are not great at, you can hire an agency like ours or similar to do what we do best i.e. digitally market your business and monetize our efforts online.

Rather than looking for a designer to brand you, content writer to develop content for you, photographer to digitize your business, an agency has everybody already on board. We can execute each of the 9 above steps for you, just like we have, time and again for businesses across the educational industry and more. This is what we do, you can trust us to deliver.

We create custom made Digital Marketing solutions for Schools, Tutors and Teachers, designing Websites, doing SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding & Design. A 360° Digital Marketing Agency we manage the A to Z of internet marketing for professionals, startups and businesses.


About the author: Manan Mehta is the founder of MarketinCrew, a 360° Digital Marketing Agency that helps Startups, Businesses and Professionals build and monetize an online presence. We create custom made Digital Marketing solutions for Schools, Tutors and Teachers, designing Websites, doing SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding & Design. Get in touch at

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