5 Step Action Plan For Educators To Monetize Their Online Presence + Vocab Wizards Case Study!

Investing in a website, social media, branding etc. is fruitless if it doesn't eventually drive sales. However great your online presence might be, if you do not create a plan of action to monetize it so it's worth your effort and money, it’s all been for NOTHING.

After working with multiple institutes, I have put it down to 5 simple steps that will help you generate sales through the internet, just like we did with one of our oldest clients, Vocab Wizards!. Here is a..

5 Step Action Plan For Schools, Teachers and Tutors to Monetize Their Online Presence!

Wondering why to build a presence at all? Why make an effort at all? Here are 7 Reasons For Educators To Build An Online Presence! and 10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet!

Step 1: Know Your Course And Audience

Before we go into the selling part of it, we must be absolutely clear about what course we are selling. You must be able to answer the following questions before we begin our marketing efforts:

  • Is it online or offline, or both?

  • What's the duration, fees and curriculum?

  • What's the target age group?

  • Is it for a specific board? eg ICSE or CBSE or does it apply to all?

  • Is it bound by where the student lives or can he study from anywhere?

  • Do you have a well designed website and brochure to represent it?

Once you have all these questions answered, it will make it much easier to focus our marketing efforts to the right audience.

With Vocab Wizards, we help them sell both online and offline courses, for standard 1 to 10, across ICSE/CBSE and IGCSE boards. Here is their list of courses:

Their target audience for their offline courses are parents having children from ages 5 to 15 living in Juhu and surrounding areas, while for their Online courses, their audiences are pan India. As for the Ladies English Club, their audience is women of all ages who have difficulty in speaking English, living in and around Juhu.

Step 2: Brand Awareness

Before you go all out selling your product, your prospective customers need to know about you, they need to trust you. We make this happen by telling them your story, why you do what you do? the faces behind your tutorials or school. This immediately adds a human touch to your brand. How do we do this?

In the age of media, people are tired of reading, the last thing they are going to do is go to your about us page and see who you are. They want to see everything alive, we make an amazing 1-2 minute video that captures the essence of what your institute stands for. This brings life to who you are, engages them and gets them to remember you. Here's the video we made for Vocab Wizards, in the voice of their founder, Tejal Mehta.

Too busy to create your own video? Don't have the required skills

? Let us take over for you! At MarketinCrew, we create Digital Marketing Plans suited to your budget and brand! Get a quote by Whatsapp or Email

We then broadcast this video through whatsapp, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads and your personal/employee social media profiles. If you wish to put in more effort, here are 10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet!

A beautifully, professionally shot video adds brand value and will have people taking you seriously.

Also Read: 7 Reasons For Educators To Build An Online Presence! and 10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet!

Step 3: Brand Recall

Now that the first impression has been made, we need to follow it up so your potential student doesn't forget you. With millions of hours of content being produced everyday and attention spans at an all time low, we need to give people a continuous reason to remember we exist. How do we do this? Social Media!

Create content that will make a difference in a viewers life, or bring a smile to their face.

Nobody wants to know about how many courses you have or what's the curriculum, that's for later when they inquire. But when someone is just browsing their timeline they will only give you attention if you share something that affects them or their children. Eg. a school could share the following content:

  • A video about how to increase a child's concentration

  • A blog about the new careers that are coming up in the world

  • An album of how students planted a tree in the yard

  • A group photo of the teachers standing up for women's rights

There are millions of ideas out there, it's just about how much time and effort you want to put into ideating and creating it! Here's how we manage social media for Vocab Wizards

Since they teach students the art of expression, we use a lot of candid pictures to showcase expressions and enthusiasm during class.

MarketinCrew creates content for Educators in the form of Social Media, Blogs, Email & Whatsapp Marketing

Step 4: Time To Sell And Convert

You have made an impression and reminded potential students/parents/guardians of who you are time and again. Now it's time to convert them. We do this by creating ads online and broadcasting the message through organic channels like whatsapp as well. Here's how we do it:

  • Create lead generation ads on Facebook and Instagram to capture contact details

  • Create Google search and display ads to get people to visit our website

  • Use creative ads on Facebook & Instagram to get people to visit our website that tell them more about us

  • Send out emails to your contacts with the course catalog, which eventually leads them to the website

  • Flash ads on social media with an option to call or Whatsapp or ask for directions of your class directly

Depending on your budget, target audience and fees, one needs to experiment and decide on what channel suits them best. With Vocab wizards we built Lead Generation ads on Facebook and Instagram, after which their staff would directly call interested parents and convince them to visit the class for a demo

Step 5: Analyze, Renew and Repeat

Now that you have your sales funnel set in place, it is time to analyze what's working for you and what isn't. The best part about digital marketing is that you pay as you go and the numbers are always in front of you. First you need 3 things:

  1. Total amount of money spent across all platforms

  2. Total number of inquiries generated across all platforms

  3. Total conversions from those total inquiries

After you have these 3 numbers, you will come to a COA, that is your cost of acquisition. It will tell you, say if you spent X rupees on ads online, it got you 3X, 5X or 10X worth of revenue.

Anything below a ROI of 5x means you need to review your campaign, since the economics dont add up. Every business has other costs that come into your fees, that is rent, salary, maintenance etc.

Here are the numbers we achieved for Vocab Wizards:

MarketinCrew worked with Vocab Wizards to achieve a 10X return on their investment

We create custom made Digital Marketing solutions for Schools, Tutors and Teachers, designing Websites, doing SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding & Design. A 360° Digital Marketing Agency we manage the A to Z of internet marketing for professionals, startups and businesses.

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