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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

In the face of these testing times, daily average internet usage has gone up to 7 hours a day. People are online for the better part of their day, be it work, social media, networking, gaming, Whatsapping friends or just buying groceries. Every activity that once required you to travel or be somewhere in person is now being done through our phones or laptops, including learning!

Online courses are selling like hot cakes, entire schools are running online and tutors have shifted all their sessions on video calling apps and virtual classrooms. Daily usage statistics of Zoom's video calling services is up 350% while Google classroom usage has surged by a whopping 150% over the last 2 months.

In a time like this, as an educator, if you haven't made your place on the internet, you might as well shut shop permanently.

Covid or no Covid, online education has been one of the fastest growing industries since a while now. The only thing this pandemic has done is accelerated the growth. Educational Institutes, tuition teachers, schools, however small or big have been forced to go online and they have suddenly realized the comforts and benefits that go along with it.

Here are the 7 main reasons why you should use digital marketing for your educational business

Wondering how to do it all? Here are 10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet! and a 5 step action plan for educators to monetize their online presence + Vocab Wizards Case study!

1. Your audience is online

Students and parents both, spend a majority of their day online. Be it using Google to look for something, ordering their latest gadget, chatting with friends or networking on social media, your target audience is online and you need to be where they are, it's marketing 101

Internet users now make up 57% of the global population. On average, people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. By 2021, a projected 73% of all ecommerce sales will come from mobile. -

2. Internet Marketing is cheaper than Traditional Marketing

Would you rather put out an ad in the newspaper and spend a huge amount to reach out to lakhs of readers, of which a mere 1000 are your target audience or is it better to make an ad on Instagram, put in the age, interests, location of your target audience, start with a budget as small as ₹1000/week and show your ad only to those who will convert, paying as you go on!?

Here are a few other reasons why Internet Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing

At MarketinCrew, we help clients acquire admissions for the lowest cost possible. Here's a 5 Step action plan for educators to monetize their online presence and how we worked with Vocab Wizards to grow their online inquiries

Check out Vocab WIzard's complete case study here.

3. A Student, Parent or a Guardian will judge you by your Website & Social Media Presence

What's the first think we do when we want to research about anything? we ask the Google Gods! How your website looks, its content, how high up it shows on Google's search results, your social media marketing, all these things go a long way in what prospective students and their parents think of you.

Website, SEO and Social Media Management for Educational Businesses by MarketinCrew

Too busy to do your own marketing? Let us take over for you! At MarketinCrew, we create Digital Marketing Plans suited to your budget and brand! Get a quote by Whatsapp or Email

4. No Physical Boundaries

You could be sitting in Mumbai and teaching someone in Guwahati or the other way round. Physical presence is no more mandatory! Time saved sitting in traffic, commute is all now yours. Once you have found the comfort of a virtual office, there is no going back.

Here's an ad we created for Languist Pro to teach German to just Indians who have recently moved to Germany. The key here was targeting, since recently moved Indians, in Germany is a very niche audience. We also helped them develop a social media presence, see our work here

5. What's Once Online, Is Forever Online

The ability to publish notes, create virtual exams that auto correct themselves, record entire classes, immortalizes what you do daily. A student has a doubt that you have solved before? Just share a link to a video of you explaining the doubt, rather than repeating the whole process again.

COVID 19 Impact: As of April 2, 2020, 98% of major educational institutions had moved the many of in-person classes online. The University of Washington was the first major university to close on March 7, moving classes and exams online for nearly 50,000 students

6. Homeschooling Is The Future

More and more parents are opting out of school, realizing it's a waste of time for their children to spend hours learning subjects they are never going to use, opting for home schooling their kids and enrolling them with online tutors who specialize in the subjects of the student's choosing. This is where the world is heading!

Homeschooled children perform 15 to 30 percent above public or private school students on standardized tests - National Home Education Research Institute

Also read: 10 Steps That Schools, Tutors and Teachers Must Follow To Create Their Presence On The Internet!and a 5 step action plan for educators to monetize their online presence + Vocab Wizards Case study!

7. Running An Online Business Is Cheaper With Higher Margins

Teaching online means no rent, no maintenance, no housekeeping staff, no investing in costly furniture! All you need to be great at is your work, that's all. Teach well and make a difference in a student's life and business will flow, you don't need to worry about high operational or capital expenditures.

Take these 10 steps that educators need to follow to mark their presence on the internet! - MarketinCrew

After working with brands across industries, at MarketinCrew we built a 10 step plan to create an online presence and a 5 step action plan to monetize it.

We create custom made Digital Marketing solutions for Schools, Tutors and Teachers, designing Websites, doing SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding & Design. A 360° Digital Marketing Agency we manage the A to Z of internet marketing for professionals, startups and businesses.

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