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MarketinCrew is a Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai. We customize our strategies to meet the unique needs of each industry, helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive growth.

marketincrew founders


Manan and Sahil’s journey started way back in 2015, as they set out to build their own restaurant chain. After successfully building 3 restaurants and working with a number of agencies across the city, they saw a dire need for creative companies that actually understood how hospitality businesses operate and created + executed strategies that were not based on assets delivered but increased walk-ins and overall sales!

The entrepreneur in them couldn’t rest, <ENTER> MarketinCrew! They started their own digital marketing agency that helped their own restaurant and other hospitality businesses create an online presence. As the agency grew bigger, it started managing firms from across industries, across the world, working with brands like IIFL, Edelweiss, Hindustan Unilever, Starbucks, The Fern Hotels and many more.

As of today, Sahil and Manan are dedicated full-time to MarketinCrew, switching sides completely from once being a client to now being the agency, trying to realize their vision of building a company that doesn’t work just for the client but with the client.

Using their entrepreneurial background to delve into client businesses, understand their finances, USPs, operations and build marketing strategies that are viable, economical and backed by data and experience. Their team of 40 strong helps execute these strategies by way of photography, designs, videos, words and last but not least, a certain madness that pushes them to their creative extreme.

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