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Going Viral on Instagram in 30 Days: How we created hype for a Persian Cafe in Bandra


At MarketinCrew, we pride ourselves on transforming brands and creating impactful marketing strategies. Our collaboration with Cafe Mommyjoon is a perfect example of how we can rejuvenate a brand's presence and drive engagement.

Client Details

Cafe Mommyjoon

  • Type: Persian-Inspired Cafe

  • Location: Bandra, Mumbai

  • Special Ingredient: Saffron in every dish

  • Notable Partner: Priya Dutt, a socialite


  • Revamp the brand's aesthetic and social media presence.

  • Increase followers and engagement on social media.

  • Boost visibility through Google search ads.


Saffron as the Star Ingredient

Key Actions:

  • Menu Photoshoot: Highlighted saffron-infused dishes to showcase the cafe's unique culinary focus.

  • Content Creation: Developed visually appealing content that emphasized the use of saffron.

Priya Dutt as a Partner

Key Actions:

  • Collaborative Reels: Created engaging reels featuring Priya Dutt, enhancing the cafe's credibility and appeal.

  • Social Media Features: Leveraged Priya Dutt's presence to attract her followers and fans to the cafe.

Great Book Collection

Key Actions:

  • Showcasing the Library: Highlighted the cafe's collection of books related to Nargis and Sunil Dutt, creating a unique selling point.

  • Reels and Posts: Produced content that featured this distinctive aspect, drawing in book lovers and film enthusiasts.

Followers Increase

Key Actions:

  • Consistent Posting: Maintained a regular posting schedule with high-quality content.

  • Engagement Strategies: Used engaging captions, stories, and interactive posts to boost follower interaction.

Increased Reel Average Views

Key Actions:

  • Content Optimization: Improved the quality and relevance of reels to increase views and engagement.

  • Analytics Monitoring: Tracked reel performance and adjusted strategies to maintain high average views.

Google Search Ads

Key Actions:

  • Targeted Keywords: Utilized keywords like "best Persian restaurant" and "best kebab" to drive traffic.

  • Local Targeting: Focused on local searches in the Bandra and Khar areas to attract nearby customers.



  • Follower Growth: Significant increase in Instagram followers within 30 days.

  • High Engagement: Reels featuring Priya Dutt achieved over a million views.

  • Improved Visibility: Effective use of Google search ads to attract local customers searching for Persian cuisine.


MarketinCrew's strategic approach revitalized Cafe Mommyjoon's brand and significantly increased their online presence. Our targeted content, influencer collaborations, and effective use of Google search ads played a crucial role in this success.

Why Work with MarketinCrew

  • Expertise in Hospitality Marketing: Proven track record in transforming hospitality brands.

  • Tailored Strategies: Customized marketing plans to meet unique client needs.

  • Comprehensive Services: From social media management to influencer marketing and search engine optimization.

  • Local Market Insight: Deep understanding of local demographics and market trends.

Partner with MarketinCrew to leverage our expertise and drive exceptional growth for your hospitality brand.

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