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500+ Video Assets for a Meditation App | Tutorial Videos | App Demo | Yoga Videos | Podcast Episodes | Influencer Reels

Introduction: Triumph in Transformation

Welcome to our detailed case study, showcasing how we expertly elevated the app content of "Let's Get Happi," a leading mental wellness and meditation app developed specifically for the Indian market. Our strategic input and creative execution delivered a noticeable enhancement in user engagement and app visibility, positioning us as the perfect digital marketing partner for meditation app brands looking to make a significant impact.


Client Background

"Let's Get Happi" is a mental wellness application offering a variety of resources like meditations, yoga tutorials, and relaxation soundscapes, designed to improve the mental health of its users in India.


To boost the app's market presence through comprehensive digital content strategies, thereby increasing downloads and user engagement.


  • Visibility: Increasing competition in the wellness app market.

  • Engagement: Creating content that resonates with diverse demographics.

  • Localization: Catering to a multilingual audience with culturally relevant content.

Solutions & Outcomes

Comprehensive Content Strategy

Outcome: Achieved an increase in user engagement and a rise in app downloads after our content went live.

Video Content Creation

  • Produced over 500 video assets, including yoga videos in both English and Hindi, tailored meditation sessions, and relaxing nature soundscapes.

  • Result: Enhanced user experience and increased time spent on the app.

Social Media and Influencer Campaigns

  • Developed targeted ads and collaborated with major influencers, utilizing platforms like Instagram and Facebook to raise brand awareness.

  • Result: Amplified reach to potential new users and improved conversion rates.

Event Promotion

  • Showcased events with celebrities such as Suneil Shetty, enhancing the brand's appeal and trustworthiness.

  • Result: Strengthened brand image and attracted premium user segments.

How We Did It: Execution of Services

Content Production

  • Localized Video Content: Tailored content creation in multiple languages to appeal to various user demographics.

  • Guided Meditation Sessions: Crafted beginner to advanced level meditation videos, ensuring accessibility for all user levels.

Digital Advertising

  • Influencer Content: Shot videos with the brand ambassador and investor Mr. Suneil Shetty for press releases and media.

Backend Collaboration

  • Direct Integration: Worked closely with the client’s backend team to ensure seamless content updates and integration, enhancing user experience.

Why we are Your Ideal Meditation App Marketing Partner

We not only understands the unique challenges faced by meditation and wellness apps but also excel at creating tailored solutions that drive real results. From engaging multimedia content production to strategic digital marketing campaigns, our approach ensures that every aspect of the app’s marketing strategy is aligned with its goals, delivering measurable outcomes and substantial growth.

Ready to elevate your meditation app? Partner with us to transform your digital presence!



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