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Visual Storytelling for a Hospitality Brand | Social Media | Special Offers Promotion | Targeted Marketing Campaigns


At MarketinCrew, we are committed to creating impactful marketing strategies that elevate hospitality brands. Our collaboration with FratBoy, a new sports bar and kitchen in Malad, highlights our expertise in showcasing unique venue features through high-quality photography and videography.

Client Details


  • Type: Sports Bar and Kitchen

  • Location: Malad, Mumbai

  • Features: Basketball area, arcade games, darts, extensive cocktail menu


  • Highlight the unique features and vibrant atmosphere of Fratboy.

  • Create visually appealing content to attract and engage customers.

  • Promote special offers to drive footfall and increase patronage.


Photography & Videography

Key Actions:

  • Comprehensive Shoot: Conducted detailed photo and video shoots to capture all elements of the bar, including the play areas and interior decor.

  • Highlighting Features: Focused on showcasing the basketball area, dart games, arcade games, and the extensive cocktail menu.

Play Area Features

Key Actions:

  • Interactive Spaces: Emphasized the interactive play areas, including spaces for basketball and darts, to attract sports enthusiasts.

  • Engaging Visuals: Created engaging visuals that highlight the dynamic and fun environment of FratBoy.

Special Offers Promotion

Key Actions:

  • Offer Creatives: Developed promotional content for special offers such as the Chuck festival and the two-plus-one beer offer.

  • Targeted Marketing: Utilized the visuals in targeted social media campaigns to attract customers and promote the offers.



  • Enhanced Visibility: The high-quality photography and videography significantly boosted FratBoy's visibility on social media.

  • Increased Engagement: The engaging visuals and promotion of unique features attracted sports enthusiasts and increased customer engagement.

  • Successful Promotions: The special offers and targeted marketing campaigns drove footfall and enhanced patronage.


MarketinCrew's strategic approach and creative content effectively showcased FratBoy's unique features and vibrant atmosphere. Our efforts in photography, videography, and targeted marketing played a crucial role in their successful launch and customer engagement.

Why Work with MarketinCrew

  • Expertise in Hospitality Marketing: Proven track record in enhancing hospitality brands.

  • Tailored Strategies: Customized marketing plans to meet unique client needs.

  • Comprehensive Services: From photography and videography to social media management and promotional campaigns.

  • Innovative Approaches: Leveraging creative content and strategic marketing to drive growth.

Partner with MarketinCrew to leverage our expertise and drive exceptional growth for your hospitality brand.



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