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Helped a Cocktail Bar grow and Buy the Space Next Door


At MarketinCrew, we specialize in delivering impactful marketing strategies tailored to hospitality brands. Our collaboration with NOSH, a cocktail bar and cafe in Marol, Andheri East, highlights our ability to enhance brand visibility and drive business growth through creative content and strategic marketing.

Client Details


  • Type: Cocktail Bar and Cafe

  • Location: Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai


  • Showcase the brand's culinary and cocktail offerings.

  • Increase customer engagement and drive footfall.

  • Support expansion efforts through strategic marketing.


Cocktail Launch Party Reels

Key Actions:

  • Creative Reels: Produced engaging reels to highlight the launch of NOSH's new cocktail menu.

  • Event Coverage: Captured the essence of the cocktail launch party, creating buzz and excitement around the new offerings.

Photography and Videography

Key Actions:

  • Dish and Cocktail Photography: Focused on high-quality photography to showcase the diverse dishes and cocktails served at NOSH.

  • Elegant Creatives: Developed simplistic yet elegant creatives to align with the brand's aesthetic.

Supporting Expansion

Key Actions:

  • Promotional Content: Created content that highlighted the expansion of NOSH, celebrating the acquisition of the space next door.

  • Consistent Engagement: Maintained a regular posting schedule to keep the audience engaged and informed about new developments.



  • Increased Visibility: The cocktail launch party reels and high-quality photography boosted NOSH's visibility on social media.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Creative content and regular updates kept the audience engaged and attracted new customers.

  • Successful Expansion: Strategic marketing efforts supported NOSH's expansion, doubling their space and enhancing their reputation.


MarketinCrew's strategic approach and creative content significantly enhanced NOSH's brand visibility and customer engagement. Our efforts in promoting the new cocktail menu, capturing high-quality visuals, and supporting the brand's expansion played a crucial role in their success.

Why Work with MarketinCrew

  • Expertise in Hospitality Marketing: Proven track record in elevating hospitality brands.

  • Tailored Strategies: Customized marketing plans to meet unique client needs.

  • Comprehensive Services: From photography and videography to social media management and event promotion.

  • Innovative Approaches: Leveraging creative content and strategic media placements to drive growth.

Partner with MarketinCrew to leverage our expertise and drive exceptional growth for your hospitality brand.


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