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Elevating Spice Laundry with Diverse Cuisine and Influencer Marketing


At MarketinCrew, we specialize in creating impactful marketing strategies for hospitality brands. Our collaboration with Spice Laundry, a pure vegetarian restaurant in Chembur, demonstrates our ability to enhance brand presence through diverse marketing techniques.

Client Details

Spice Laundry

  • Type: Pure Vegetarian, Modern Indian and Global Cuisine Restaurant

  • Location: Chembur

  • Launch Year: 2021


  • Create buzz and awareness pre-launch.

  • Establish a strong social media presence.

  • Attract a wide audience through diverse vegetarian cuisine.


Variety Veg Cuisine

Key Actions:

  • Menu Development: Assisted in crafting a varied menu including Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese dishes.

  • Special Offers: Created themed menus such as the "Taste of Spice Laundry" lunch menu and kitty packages to attract local patrons.

Promoting Kitty in Residential Area

Key Actions:

  • Local Campaigns: Promoted kitty packages targeting residential communities, emphasizing Spice Laundry as a go-to place for afternoon gatherings.

  • Paper Inserts and Standees: Used traditional marketing materials to increase visibility within the local area.

Influencer Marketing for 6 Months

Key Actions:

  • Influencer Engagement: Collaborated with around 100 influencers over six months to generate buzz and credibility.

  • Media Features: Secured features in major publications like Midday and Hindustan Times.

  • Localized Social Media Campaigns: Ran targeted campaigns on Facebook to raise awareness among local residents.

Restaurant Design Consultation & Menu Design

Key Actions:

  • Design Consultation: Advised on the overall branding and design of the restaurant to create a cohesive and appealing atmosphere.

  • Menu Design: Developed attractive and informative menu designs, including special event menus like the Onam menu.

Suggested Corporate Discount Card

Key Actions:

  • Corporate Outreach: Designed and distributed discount cards to local banks and corporate offices, offering a 20% discount on their first visit to drive initial footfall.

  • Direct Marketing: Restaurant managers actively promoted these discount cards in the local area to increase awareness and visits.



  • Increased Footfall: Significant rise in customer visits due to effective influencer marketing and targeted local campaigns.

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Strong presence on social media and in major publications, enhancing brand credibility and reach.

  • Diverse Customer Base: Attracted a variety of customers through a wide range of vegetarian dishes and special menu promotions.


MarketinCrew's comprehensive approach, from pre-launch buzz creation to sustained influencer marketing, significantly contributed to the success of Spice Laundry. Our efforts in menu design, local promotions, and strategic influencer collaborations established Spice Laundry as a popular dining destination in Chembur.

Why Work with MarketinCrew

  • Industry Expertise: Proven track record in elevating hospitality brands.

  • Customized Strategies: Tailored marketing plans to meet specific client needs.

  • Holistic Services: From social media management to influencer marketing and design consultation.

  • Local Market Insight: In-depth understanding of local demographics and trends.

Partner with MarketinCrew to leverage our expertise and drive exceptional growth for your hospitality brand.


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